Health & Safety

COVID-19 Protocols: updated March 11, 2022

We will continue to evaluate this policy as changes occur in public health guidance and circumstances.

Since the start of the pandemic, MTH has been committed to following the guidance of the CDC and local public health officials. As many of you know, MTH has been on the forefront of safely producing live shows since April 2021, and we have always looked to the science and local COVID metrics regarding our decisions. 

On March 3rd we lifted the requirement that patrons and employees be masked at all times while inside our public spaces. On March 23 we will discontinue requirements that all patrons must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test.

Please be aware that you may still see MTH employees masked at performances and we encourage you, if that is your preference, to mask up, as well.

We will continue to monitor the situation and evolve our COVID policies as the moment dictates. Thank you for your continued support of Music Theater Heritage.

Sanitation and Air Filtration:

We continue to practice CDC-recommended cleaning procedures in the Theater’s spaces, including the use of electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting. Upgraded touchless fixtures and hand-sanitizing stations have been added in audience areas. Crown Center’s HVAC and air filtration systems in the retail complex have been inspected and assessed for occupancy. Inspections include ventilation controls, filters and seals on air handling units and potable water systems. Operation and maintenance of the building’s HVAC systems meet or exceed the industry standard of care. Additional steps have been taken to enhance the building’s air handling, these include: • Proactively flushing the buildings with outdoor air, • Increasing air circulation in the buildings by longer air handler run times • Maintaining ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommendations for outside air HVAC system modifications and enhancements are in response to and consistent with ASHRAE guidelines. As a result, there are more than nine (9) air changes per hour in the patron seating area.

Other Patron Services:

E-tickets: We will offer Digital or E-tickets to patrons who wish to receive them by email. This will help facilitate contactless entry into the Theater. Reminders: Box Office will send a reminder 24-hours before each performance date to share the most up-to-date health and safety information in effect. Only ticket holders will receive these courtesy e-mails. Ticket holders are encouraged to share this information about the current COVID-19 policies with their guests or others who may be using a patron’s tickets. This will ensure those using the tickets will comply with our policy. Flexible ticket exchanges: Any person who feels unwell, or who is exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, or who has been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or who has had a positive COVID-19 test within 14 days prior to the performance, should stay home. We will assist ticket holders who wish to reschedule, receive a credit or a refund for their tickets. Rescheduling, credits or refunds must be completed prior to the time of the performance.

In Summary…

Theater attendees must understand there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are present. While we endeavor to take every precaution to reduce possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, those attending any events voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Individuals who are disrespectful or discourteous to other guests, employees or artists may be asked to leave. All policies are subject to change based on evolving local, state and federal medical guidance from Kansas City, Jackson County, the State of Missouri and the Center for Disease Control.

MTH is a proud recipient of Missouri’s Art Safe re-opening certification.