September 15 - 16

The Ruby Room Series


Dolly Parton. No one else.

The Space

Ruby Room

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What would Country Music be without the world-renown Dolly Parton, who has not only written and performed some of the most popular tunes to date, but has also taken the world by storm through her acting, philanthropy and successful, name-branded businesses. Celebrating Mrs. Parton and no one else, Dolly will bring you a night of incredible, iconic tunes that are sure to have you reflecting and enjoying upon her rockin’ years.  

The Ruby Room series is MTH’s original concert series that celebrates Artists who have made a significant impact on American culture. Curated in MTH’s freshly minted Ruby Room, the series strives to both entertain and inform, in a sleek and intimate setting, unlike anything you will find in Kansas City. Join us for martinis, music, and mood.
Party Nights

A themed dinner at one of our partnering restaurants, a cocktail, and a ticket to the show… what could be better!

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Join us as we take our creative team out into the community for these free neighborhood events.

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