Other Events at MTH

Whether it’s an MTH special event or an event we are hosting, produced by someone renting our theaters, there’s always something exciting happening at MTH!

Special Events

These MTH productions are outside of our season subscription and typically only have limited performances, so make sure you grab tickets and don’t miss out!

Hosted Events

These shows are not MTH productions but rather produced by folks renting space at MTH. We’re happy to host them at our theater.

Whiskey Dynamite

March 10-25, 2023

Blast off into the world of Whiskey Dynamite, a nonsensical neowestern cabaret! Caught in a line dance between rowdy ruckus and witty whimsy, prepare to be wooed and wowed by audacious acrobatics, immersive theatrics, and the finest show-stopping, jaw-dropping talent from this side of the frontier. Set to Americana rhythm, the boundless world of Whiskey Dynamite knows no rules and is certain to be one sexy sucker punch of an unforgettable time. Dress code strongly encouraged ~ Bright Western Americana!

Bound by Process

April 28 & 29, 2023

Artists Revealed Dance Company is a space for connection. It’s bound by a passionate body of artists whose purpose is to expand beyond standards. The dancers of Artists Revealed feed, water and grow the knowledge of their bodies as well as the connection to their unique minds. Those who fill this space recognize that process is essential yet inevitable and is where we can feel most fulfilled. The dancers have acquired tools, education and experience in order to perform. Performance being the expression of all they have been processing. We invite you to come witness the beauty of process in an unforgettable performance of vulnerability, athleticism and in motion artwork.

Steel Magnolias

May 12-21, 2023

Just in time for Mother’s Day Weekend for 8 PERFORMANCES ONLY!

A favorite play to many, and a favorite movie to even more, STEEL MAGNOLIAS is brought to life on stage by an ALL-STAR KC CAST of favorites that includes CATHY BARNETT, JEN MAYS, TERI ADAMS, KIMBERLY HORNER, KAREN NICOLE BLACKMON & ERICA BARUTH.

Smooth Paradise

June 11, 2023

Come and join us for a night of drinks and wonderful music in the Ruby Room at The Music Theater Heritage located in the Crown Center! We will be having some amazing Kansas City artist perform some extravagant jazz and classical music pieces that will generate in the exposure to the greatness in Kansas City! From collegiate level music competition winners to Beethoven like amazing composers, this will be a performance of a lifetime! You don’t want to miss out on this one! Multiple genres with wonderful talent in one place! The talent in Kansas City is phenomenal, enjoy what your city has to offer!

Gabe Boeh as ELVIS

July 7, 2023

Experience the excitement and electricity of Elvis on stage. Gabe Boeh delivers a recreation of Elvis Presley’s 1972 American tour. A young budding tribute artist Gabe seeks to bring Elvis to generations young and old. Whether or not you have seen Elvis in person, Gabe is sure to impress with his accuracy.